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"... them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie..."

Jesus Christ
Revelation 3:9
The New Testament in the Bible
King James Version

The role of Freemasonry...

By Andrew Mackinnon

Last updated: 20th August, 2023

Mike Baird, former Premier of New South Wales, Australia, displays a Tubal-Cain Masonic handshake on 3rd June, 2014 with Han Zheng, representative of the Communist Party of China, and presents him with a picture of the Sydney Opera House in ‘Chinese red’.

This photograph and the above details of its context were obtained from Mike Baird's own Twitter feed dated 3rd June, 2014 and have been posted on this web page without modification.  This photograph can be found on Mike Baird's Twitter feed at:

Mike Baird's Twitter feed can be found at:

The Tubal-Cain Masonic handshake indicates that Mike Baird is a Master Mason, also known as the third degree of Freemasonry.  This handshake is explained on the following web page under the heading "TUBALCAIN" (sic), without any hyphenation.  You can search for the text string "tubalcain" within the following web page using your internet browser in order to find this heading quickly, instead of laboriously scrolling down the web page until you find it:

The control that the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan exerts upon the world is shaped like a pyramid with the Rothschilds and other wealthy banking families at the apex.  The lower levels of the pyramid represent the means by which the synagogue of Satan has its orders and directives carried out throughout the world.  The foot soldiers of the synagogue of Satan who do its bidding throughout the world, wittingly or unwittingly, are the Jewish (i.e. Edomitish) and non-Jewish (i.e. non-Edomitish) males worldwide who are involved in Freemasonry.

There is a corresponding organisation for Jewish (i.e. Edomitish) and non-Jewish (i.e. non-Edomitish) females which is the Order of the Eastern Star.  The main logo for the Order of the Eastern Star is an inverted pentagram inside a circle, which is a primary satanic symbol.  You can see this main logo at the following official website of the Order of the Eastern Star:

Both of these organisations, Freemasonry for males and the Order of the Eastern Star for females, are satanic organisations which both serve the synagogue of Satan and which are both controlled by the synagogue of Satan.  Both of these organisations claim that their members are engaged in charitable works for the benefit of their fellow man, in order to hide the reality that both of these organisations are satanic in nature and serve the synagogue of Satan.

Freemasons can be found in every influential sphere of society including:

Whether Freemasons realise it or not, Freemasonry is a satanic organisation which serves Satan, just as the synagogue of Satan is knowingly satanic in nature.  Wittingly or unwittingly, Freemasons are furthering the purposes of the synagogue of Satan towards world government.  We are living under contemptible circumstances in which many politicians who lead our countries belong to the occult, secret societies of Freemasonry, in the case of males, and the Order of the Eastern Star, in the case of females.  They hide their membership of these organisations from the citizens under their ‘leadership’ and actively work towards the implementation of the agenda of the synagogue of Satan to establish world government.

Freemasonry is led and controlled by the synagogue of Satan, which is evident from the 4th and 5th points of the 15th Protocol of the Learned Elders of Zion.  The synagogue of Satan has worked feverishly to try to convince citizens investigating the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, that this manifesto is fake, however the most cursory reading of the protocols reveals that they are chillingly authentic, completely true to our experience of world affairs and revealing of the innate evil and deceit that is motivating our enemy.  Claiming that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is fake is like calling somebody a ‘conspiracy theorist’ because they reject the official story surrounding 9/11.  It's a desperate attempt to prevent the truth from taking root amongst the populace.

Freemasons throughout the world are the agents by which the synagogue of Satan both stays up-to-date on what is happening throughout the world and has its plans carried out.  Freemasons are the feet-on-the-ground of the synagogue of Satan, whether they know it or not.  Many members of the organisations listed on the page, ’Globalist’ organisations, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Club of Rome and the Bilderberg Group, are Freemasons.

Many of the churches that Christians attend in the western world are led by Freemasons pretending to be followers of Jesus Christ - wolves in sheeps’ clothing.  Here is a non-exhaustive list of Christian leaders in the western world who are Freemasons pretending to be followers of Jesus Christ.

The common trait exhibited by Freemasons pretending to be Christian leaders is that they cause the church of Jesus Christ to go backwards rather than forwards.  They cause it to decline in a state of distress rather than grow vibrantly as God intends.  Freemasons are passionately opposed to Christianity, which makes it possible to detect them, even if they pretend to be followers of Jesus Christ and lead churches.  They often adopt a combative stance from the pulpit towards genuine Christians.

Freemasons pretending to be Christian leaders distort the biblical notion of love to justify the toleration of moral compromise such as homosexual marriage.  They are wolves in sheeps’ clothing whose purpose is to knowingly lead the church of Jesus Christ astray on behalf of the synagogue of Satan in which they are knowingly involved.

The reason why Freemasons pretending to be Christian leaders tend to remain undetected for a long time is that most Christians under their leadership, who typically finance their leadership with their giving, have better things to do with their time than scrutinise the legitimacy of their leadership.  Most Christians are understandably busy with other things.  However, it’s now apparent that continuous monitoring of people occupying positions of Christian leadership is essential for the health of the church of Jesus Christ.  Because of the importance of this monitoring, it’s a task that is best shared amongst all of the Christians in the church of Jesus Christ, so that the burden on any one individual is greatly reduced and much more manageable.  Genuine Christian leaders will find that they have nothing to worry about whatsoever in the face of such monitoring, since it shines a spotlight on the worthwhile work that they do.

This simple idea of monitoring people in positions of leadership in order to detect the presence of Freemasons can obviously be applied to any other sphere of society such as:

Your assistance in detecting Freemasons in positions of leadership in every sphere of society is urgently needed and greatly appreciated because they are everywhere.  The best way to detect Freemasons is to look for one of their secret signs.  There are quite a range of secret signs that Freemasons have been known to make.  Since this range of secret signs that Freemasons make is beyond the scope of this website at this time, it’s recommended that you search elsewhere for information about them.  There are many other websites that have documented them in detail.

Here are some other characteristics often displayed by Freemasons in positions of leadership that can also help you to detect them:

If you strongly suspect somebody of being a Freemason and you have good reason to be suspicious, it’s recommended that you pose the following question to them via email, in writing, by telephone or in person, provided that you feel secure doing so:

Have you ever been involved in Freemasonry and, if you have, are you currently involved in Freemasonry?

If they refuse to answer this very simple question, this obviously serves to increase your suspicion that they are involved in Freemasonry.  There is no justifiable reason for any honest leader to refuse to answer this question.

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