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"... them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie..."

Jesus Christ
Revelation 3:9
The New Testament in the Bible
King James Version

The purpose of Israel’s desired attack on Iran...

By Andrew Mackinnon

Last updated: 17th January, 2016

Iran is being accused of developing a nuclear weapon and is therefore being accused of hostility by Israel.  Israel already possesses scores (ie. multiples of twenty) nuclear warheads at a minimum, ready and waiting to be deployed by missile on command as a result of the many tens of billions of dollars in financial and military aid that the United States of America has provided to Israel over the past sixty odd years.  It is an outrageous hypocrisy for Israel to be complaining about Iran's alleged development of a nuclear weapon, which has not even been substantiated as a fact, when Israel is already in the possession of scores of nuclear warheads at a minimum, ready to be deployed.

Iran would never launch a missile at Israel in anything but self-defence because it knows that it would be immediately attacked by the United States of America by missile or by Israel by missile or by both of them by missile.  Israel knows that Iran is never going to attack it which is exactly why Israel wants to unilaterally strike Iran or get the United States of America to unilaterally strike Iran for it, as is its practice (e.g. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria).

Iran contains an estimated 10.4% of the world’s proven oil reserves, as at 1st January, 2008.  The true reason why Israel is seeking to attack Iran is being concealed by the mainstream media in the western world.  The true reason is that the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan (SOS), also known as the satanic Illuminati, which controls the world's international banking system, wants to use Israel or the United States to attack Iran in order to refashion Iran as they see fit and take total control over Iran’s massive oil reserves and oil production.  If they can control all of the oil in the Middle East, including Iran, they can control the entire planet.  The reason that Israel wants to invade Iran is the very same reason that Iraq was invaded based on the lie that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.  The reason was to enable the synagogue of Satan to get control of the oil in Iraq.  After Iraq was invaded, the gasoline, fuel and petrol prices around the world have never been the same.  They have escalated to new heights and generally stayed there so that the entire world is now at mercy of the SOS which has taken control of the oil reserves and oil production in Iraq and is now seeking to do the same in Iran.  An attack on Iran will cause the gasoline, fuel and petrol prices around the world to rise higher still.

The synagogue of Satan is also seeking to attack Iran for the same reason that it has attacked Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.  It wants to destroy the sovereignty of all these countries and bring them all under its control.  It wants to refashion the entire Middle East as a Middle Eastern Union under its political and economic control, modelled upon the European Union.  This is a stepping stone towards the ultimate goal of the synagogue of Satan, which is to rule all of the unions in the world via world government.

These are the reasons for Israel's hypocritical justification for attacking Iran - that Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon (which is unproven) - when Israel already possesses scores of nuclear weapons itself.  (The modern day State of Israel was created by the Rothschilds in the middle of last century and is completely controlled by the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan.)  These are the reasons for all of Israel’s histrionics and sabre-rattling which is a typical Israeli approach to starting a conflict that otherwise doesn’t exist.  Israel makes itself out to be the victim when the reality is that Israel is the aggressor.  It puffs itself up with bravado, bluster and indignation and lies through its teeth about the non-existent threat against it.

The sobering truth is that an attack on Iran by either of Israel or the United States of America will result in a third world war drawing in Russia and possibly China.  Whatever manner in which Iran is attacked, the United States of America will be involved.  Iran’s immediate reaction to being attacked, as it has already warned, will be to launch missiles against Israel in defence.  Given the current volatile climate in which the world finds itself (as a result of the massive deceptions that have been perpetrated against us over the course of the past fourteen years since 9/11), it is quite possible that a third world war centered around Iran as the victim could involve the use of nuclear weapons.  In any case, if we allow this fraudulent war to eventuate, it is absolutely certain that hundreds of thousands of innocent people, at a minimum, will be murdered for no justifiable reason.  The number is more likely to be in the order of millions.

A profound tragedy is weeping in our immediate past.  An unknown number of Afghan citizens have been murdered as a result of the invasion of Afghanistan.  This number is in the tens of thousands at a minimum.  A minimum of 100,000 Iraqi citizens have been murdered as a result of the invasion of Iraq.  The true figure is probably closer to 1,000,000.  Both of these wars were based on nothing but a pack of lies.  These people have been murdered and their blood cries out from the dust for justice.  These are war crimes.  There is blood on the hands of everybody in the western world, including me, who did not effectively advocate for these people in earlier years when we knew that these wars were based on fraud.  What a tragedy it is that these lives were lost in the midst of the silence of many of us.

God help us all, for we are wretched in the west.  Over the past eight years or so, we have been primed for a similar scenario being played out in an attack on Iran.  We have been continually fed propaganda, deception and lies in the overwhelmingly Jewish-owned and Jewish-controlled mainstream media in order to once again gain our support for a fraudulent war.  Have we learnt our lesson, which was paid for by the blood of innocent Afghan and Iraqi citizens? Will we really let this happen again?

We must not!  We must find our voices and vehemently deride this slap-stick mockery of truth and justice which our ‘leaders’ are seeking to foist upon us once again.  Our memories are not so short and we are not so dull and self-obsessed that we will let this nation of Iran, that is minding its own business, be attacked.  We owe it to the hundreds of thousands of Afghan and Iraqi citizens who were murdered for no justifiable reason to prevent another cohort of innocents in their multitudes from being sent to the grave based on another pack of lies.  If we do not stop this war; if we are ineffectual or unwilling to stand up and shout our psychopathic ‘leaders’ down, then our moral courage will have dissipated and drifted away like a vapour and the common good of all humanity, that looks to us expectantly will turn its face from us and hide itself from our shame.

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