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S t o p   W o r l d   G o v e r n m e n t

"... them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie..."

Jesus Christ
Revelation 3:9
The New Testament in the Bible
King James Version

The purported Sandy Hook masssacre in Connecticut was a staged event.

By Andrew Mackinnon

Last updated: 10th January, 2016

The shooting in Connecticut at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday, 14th December, 2012 was a blatant set-up by the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan, also known as the satanic Illuminati, designed to build public support for gun control laws so that the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America can be dissolved to make way for the imposition of a North American Union comprising the United States of America, Canada and Mexico.  The lax manner in which the synagogue of Satan-controlled Federal Government of the United States of America is patrolling its border with Mexico is deliberate.  It’s designed to allow hundreds of thousands of Mexican citizens, at a minimum, to enter the United States of America as illegal aliens, in order to facilitate the establishment of a North American Union.  A North American Union is an important component in the synagogue of Satan’s ultimate plan for world government.

The North American Union is intended to be modelled upon the iron-fisted, police-state communism that the synagogue of Satan and the Jewish communists it organised forced upon Russia last century to establish the nightmarish Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).  The objective of communism is to enrich a tiny minority of the population, the ruling class, at the expense of the overwhelming majority of the population.  This is exactly how the United States of America is being run today.  The only thing preventing the completion of this Jewish, communist takeover of the United States of America is the hundreds of millions of guns in the possession of US citizens today which makes them a force that cannot be reckoned with.

A staged shooting drill took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School which was portrayed to the American citizens by the complicit and predominantly Jewish-controlled mainstream media as real.  Although it was claimed that Adam Lanza shot twenty (20) children and six (6) adults dead, the truth is that there was not one single fatality arising from that staged drill at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Despite that not one person actually died, or was even injured, the staged event was portrayed to the world as a real massacre with real victims.

Active shooter drills are routinely conducted in schools in the United States of America.  This one was portrayed to the world as real in order to build public support for gun control.  Actors like Robbie Parker (who pretended to be a father of one of the non-existent victims by the name of Emilie Parker) were effervescent one minute, probably because of how much they were getting paid, and then did their best the next minute to present the face of a grieving parent to the media.  Americans didn’t buy it and Robbie Parker single-handedly sparked the greatest awakening the western world has ever seen in my lifetime.

The following video of 30 minutes, 18 seconds in length proves conclusively that the Sandy Hook massacre was a staged event.  It was posted on 7th January, 2013, US time, and accumulated more than 10.3 million views by 17th January, 2013, US time, just ten days later.  As at 17th January, 2013, of the 41,989 viewers who decided to rate this video, 34,194 of them chose to ‘Like’ it, which is an approval rating of 81.4%.  This approval rating stood at 85.6% just two days earlier on 15th January, 2013, when the view count was 3.9 million and only declined by 4.2% because this video became the target of multitudes of paid shills who commented negatively on it in an attempt to dissuade viewers from taking it seriously.  This video fell under heavy scrutiny so that the view counter was falsified (which is an extremely common practice at YouTube, which is owned and controlled by Google) and now only increases at a snail's pace even while the number of views increases rapidly.

As at 10th January, 2016, the view counter of this video stood at just 11,730,183.  It’s simply not true that a video that accumulated more than 10.3 million views in its first ten days (as verified by the author of this website, who watched its progress), has only increased by a further 1.4 million views in the subsequent one thousand and eighty-eight days (1,088) days.  The true number of views for this video is 30 million, at the very least.

YouTube has straight out falsified the view count on this video in order to give the impression that only a small percentage of people take it seriously enough to view it.  Paid shills have swarmed over the comments section of this video to drive down the approval rating as far as they can.  As at 10th January, 2016, they have only succeeded in driving the approval rating down to 74.9% since this video has 46,393 Likes and 15,562 Dislikes as at 10th January, 2016.

Any video on YouTube that exposes the synagogue of Satan and the deceptions that it perpetrates has, in all likelihood, had its view count falsified in order to dissuade people from taking it seriously.  It’s absolutely shameful that YouTube quite obviously keeps track of two different view counts for its own purposes for each video on its website – the true view count and the one it displays underneath the video.

Barack Obama has not been sincere in his representations concerning this massacre, because he is fully aware that it's a staged event.  Barack Obama is a sociopath who displays no genuine emotion at all but is simply putting on an act to deceive American citizens as the front-man for the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan which wants gun control.

The synagogue of Satan (SOS) runs the United States of America lock, stock and barrel.  It owns and runs the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America, it runs Wall Street and the banking system; it runs the United States Congress through its Congressmen who are dual citizens of Israel and the United States of America and those who belong to Freemasonry (which is an occult society controlled by the synagogue of Satan) and through the many lobby groups that it controls; it owns and controls the overwhelming majority of the mainstream media (and has heavily infiltrated the alternative media with puppets such as Freemason Alex Jones); it owns and runs Hollywood and it runs the music industry.  In the United States of America, the entire Jewish, liberal agenda which is wreaking so much havoc upon the nation, emanates from the synagogue of Satan.

The synagogue of Satan is solely responsible for mass immigration into the United States of America to render it completely dysfunctional and it has been the driving force behind the systematic dismantling of the manufacturing industry in the United States of America over the past thirty years via Wall Street, which has been shipped off to China and other countries such as India, to the detriment of millions of decent, hard-working, American citizens, who have lost their jobs as a result.

The manufacturing industry in the United States of America, once proud and powerful, was built by American citizens using their tenacity, ingenuity and God-given passion.  It has been systematically broken to pieces and shipped overseas so that only an emaciated shadow of its former glory remains.  Let me ask you a serious question.  What kind of people would advocate taking manufacturing jobs away from American citizens and sending them far away across the ocean to an oppressive, atheistic, communist country like China?  The answer is people whose allegiance is to Satan.  The synagogue of Satan owns and controls the entire monetary system in the United States of America.  It uses that ownership and control to bribe many United States Congressmen to vote in favour of this vile and treasonous betrayal of their nation, which they’ve been doing for the past thirty years and longer.

The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America disburses money to whoever it pleases with no oversight or accountability, as exemplified by the bailout amidst the “global financial crisis”, which began in 2008.  By now, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America creates money in whatever amount it pleases and disburses it to whoever it pleases in whatever quantity it pleases for whatever purpose it pleases.

After using its extensive influence to thoroughly degrade American society over the past fifty years and longer, the synagogue of Satan now wants to disarm American citizens through gun control, leaving them completely defenceless so that it can impose an iron-fisted, police state on the United States of America in the form of a North American Union, which will be characterised by the bleakest communism that you can imagine.

The Port Arthur massacre in Australia on Sunday, 28th April, 1996 was a set-up designed to build public support for gun control and John Howard, who is secretly a Freemason, knew it.  He was elected as Prime Minister of Australia in the month before on 2nd March, 1996.

(Martin Bryant was framed as the perpetrator of the Port Arthur massacre, despite that he didn’t kill one single person and despite that he lacked the chilling capability of executing this massacre with an IQ of just 66, placing him in the bottom 1% of the population.  Martin Bryant received financial assistance from the government as a result of this intellectual impairment.  He remains in prison to this day after having been wrongly convicted for this massacre.

Unfortunately, in contrast to the Sandy Hook massacre, the 58 casualties arising from the Port Arthur massacre were very real and very disturbing.  35 people were killed and 23 were wounded.  This event left an indelible scar on the national psyche, which is exactly what was intended.)

The Sandy Hook massacre on 14th December, 2012 was a set-up designed to build public support for gun control and Barack Obama knows it, hence his disingenuous display of emotion when talking about the massacre.  He was elected as President of the United States of America in the month before on 6th November, 2012.  Incidentally, Barack Obama is also secretly a Freemason.

Wake up, America.  Your beautiful country, that I lived in for twenty wondrous months as a child aged between 6 and 8 years in 1979 and 1980 in Wilmington, Delaware, has been taken over by the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan.  If you let them have your guns, you are truly finished.  They're going to slaughter you so that your blood runs in the streets, just like they slaughtered the family of the Russian Tsar when they forced communism upon Russia last century, along with tens of millions of Russian Christians who they also murdered, to turn Russia into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

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